Historian and Folklore
While you're here, soak up Grenada’s storied history. Arawak-tribe Indians seafarers landed on the island around 400 A.D.; British colonial settlers and spice traders arrived in the early 1800s; and by the 20th century, spices had made Grenada a plantation boomtown. Turn-of-the-century buildings still stand today.

Our Historian Mandoo, possibly the island's premier storyteller, exclusively at Coyaba Beach Resort, gives a fascinating historical recitation on the exotic spice trade and folklore. It's a vivid reminder that long before modern tourism, a destination as this one rich in a bygone era of stories can share with visitors.

Enchanted Sunset Celebration
Brushed with gold by the setting sun or outlined in majestic silhouette skyline against a fading pink sky, only from Coyaba’s matchless setting on the 2.5-mile long Grand Anse Beach; a daily dose not to be missed is the sunset.

Cricket a Colonial Pastime

Cricket is known as the sport of kings. Ready, set, bat! Weekly, all guests are welcome to join a team. 

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