Producing high-quality cocoa for export

 Felchlin Switzerland has established a close relationship with Andrew Hastick, agronomist and general manager of the Grenada Cocoa Association. Together with the farmer owned Grenada Cocoa Association, he coordinates the needs of both the farmers and the sale of the cacao beans, including carrying the responsibility for quality, availability and export.


Planting of cacao „Grenada Selection“

“Grenada Selection” cacao is comprised of a choice of 16 original trees with Criollo and Trinitario heritage. These trees were carefully selected because of their intensive flavour and ability to adapt to the varying soil conditions found in Grenada. Due to the latent destructive potential of hurricanes that sometimes visit the island, three nurseries have been established in different areas to cultivate the cacao saplings. The cultivation of cacao trees normally involves the planting of beans from a ripe fruit. This process doesn’t exclude the possibility of cross breeding from other sorts of cacao. To eliminate this risk, Grenada implements a unique method: the young trees are derived using the branches of the 16 original trees. This complex approach requires approximately six months to complete, before the trees are strong enough to be planted by the cacao farmers. The largest benefit derived from this practice is that the Grenada Cocoa Association can control the quality of cacao in Grenada by supplying the individual cacao farmers with the trees most suitable to their soil conditions.